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  Brand--Quite Possibly,
the CEO's Most Valuable Asset

Humans perceive everything, everyone and every company through brand filters. To elaborate, based upon a colleague's personal "brand," you may choose to spend more or less time with them or rank their invitation to an event higher or lower in importance than another colleague's invitation.
So too, brand helps us make business decisions. If your target market perceives that a competitor's product, service or cause is superior to your own, your competitor will be able to leverage this perceived advantage and command a higher price or higher valuation.
That is why we perceive that the brand platform is one of the most important strategic assets that a company has. We encourage CEOs to take an active role in the development and ongoing evolution of the brand platform--it is from this platform that a CEO can most effectively instill their vision and lead a company to its fullest potential.
To develop or build a company's brand platform, one of the finest ways to understand the as is of your company's brand is through the eyes of your prospective customers.
Based on the fact that prospective-customers are perhaps the most unbiased in their points of view and are frequently the most candid about a marketplace and its competitors, Beckett Advisors designed and conducted its first Prospect Survey in 1999. The results were extremely helpful to our client's strategic decision-making.
Since that time, four out of every five of our clients have requested some form of a Prospect or Brand Tracking survey. Clients have included financial services and industrial manufacturers. They have credited these studies with helping them make smart decisions that later resulted in enhanced financial outcomes.
Prospects can tell you where you are today, better than anyone. What percentage of prospects have heard of your brand name? And if they have, what is their willingness to buy and what do they think of your brand? We can help you get these answers today. Then, you can make smarter marketing decisions.
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