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  North American Partners
  • Alibrando Psychological Consulting (apc3.com) Los Angeles
    Dr. Sam Alibrando has accumulated many interests and experiences over 30 years as a consultant, therapist, executive director, author, workshop facilitator, adjunct professor, and mediator. However, all these experiences and roles are aimed toward one end: to facilitate the transformation of individuals and organizations; to leverage their strengths and transcend their weaknesses in order to become better at what they do and to do that with integrity and joy.
  • Brand Orbit (brandorbit.com) Los Angeles
    Our sister company--experts in advertising, PR and marketing communications.
  • Bryan & Company (markbryan.com) Los Angeles
    Creativity coach Mark Bryan has more than 20 years of experience in professional and self-development coaching. Mark and his team have successfully developed programs for industry leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Disney ABC, as well as the United Nations. Mark Bryan and his coaching team can help business executives or management teams: develop a culture of innovation, leverage human capital to increase return on investment, design and develop new products, processes or services and deliver customized training for specific objectives.
  • Terry Frost, Architect & Design (terryfrostdesign.com) Edmonton
    Branded interior & architectural facility design
Indian Partners
  • AMR Energy Resources (amrers.com) - Chennai
    Mr. A.M. Rafiq, founder and president of AMR Energy, has spent over 20 years in the supply and management of coal, natural rubber, and heavy equipment. AMR Energy's import/export trade and warehousing provides its customers a complete service in sourcing the right quality, shipping, logistics and other related services in coal. Mr. Rafiq has an established network of partners, suppliers, clients, and customers in India and the South Asia region basing operations out of Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
  • Clique Consultants (clique.in) and Clique Solar (cliquesolar.com) - Mumbai
    Mr. Ashok Paranjape is the head of Clique Consultants, Pvt. Ltd. and Clique Solar Pvt. Ltd. Clique Consultants was established in 1987 and these two companies have served a variety of clients such as Mahindra Vehicles Manufacturers, National Thermal Power Corp., Turbo Energy Limited, Hotel ITC Maurya, and Mahananda Dairy in several industries such as automotive, energy, hotels, and agriculture in India. Mr. Parnajape believes that Solar Concentration technology, particularly Solar Thermal has the advantage of being cost effective while producing the capacity needed for residential and commercial purposes. He has patented his own in-house developed technology, ARUN 100, and has already established it as a technology that has created reliable power generation in many other parts of the country such as New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai.
  • Gharpure Group (gharconeng.com) - Pune & Mumbai
    Mr. Yashwant H. Gharpure has a rich history of management and technical consulting in engineering, pharmaceutical, and energy in over 50 countries. His undergraduate and graduate degrees as a chemical engineer led him to a well-reputed 40+ year career in pharmaceuticals where he served as the CEO for several firms - Goa Antibiotics Ltd. (Goa), Karnataka Antibiotics Ltd. (Bangalore), Haffkin Bio-Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Mumbai), Hindustan Insecticides Ltd. (Delhi), and Arlabs Ltd. (Mumbai). Today, he is the chairman of and serves on several boards of institutions and organizations including Voluntary Executives Forum of India, Technology Transfer Association, Indian Drug Manufacturers Association and Indo Japan Business Council. Author of 400+ technical and financial reports for banks, investors, firms, and various other enterprise level organizations, Gharpure has amassed a vast network of investors, skilled professionals, and service professionals around the world.
  • Startling Solar (startlingsolar.com) - Mumbai
    Mr. Anuj Nigam heads Startling Solar Pvt. Ltd., a Mumbai-based group of solar experts focusing on energy production and power generation. He holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in International Business, and B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Kamla Nerhu Institute of Technology. The firm's technical and commercial expertise enable the production of innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology. The team has an enviable track-record in lowering costs and increasing solar capacity. Mr. Nigam has an extensive network of suppliers, manufacturers, and other solar experts in India, Europe, United States, and the Middle East. His talents and expertise in solar energy, electronics, and manufacturing combined with his decades of experience make Startling an innovator in the industry as well as an expert to provide technical, managerial, and financial consulting.


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