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  Well-informed Business Strategies maximize revenues and profits
Our clients credit us with helping increase revenues and profits by providing informed focus on their strategies for growth. The broad areas of our work are:
  • Surveys & audits
  • Facilitation of strategic planning sessions and board retreats
  • Customer centricity
  • Brand strengthening
  • Precision Pricing© - A disciplined value approach to improving profitability
  • Sales optimization
Beckett Advisors consultants work with our clients in these four ways:
  • Collaborative - We blend our experience with your organizational knowledge to jointly produce achievable plans.
  • Subject-matter experts - We use our experience/expertise to plan and implement change programs.
  • We facilitate board retreats and execute board assessments.
  • An added resource - We execute your plans.
Highly effective board-retreat facilitation:
  • For boards that exhibit some dysfunction, Beckett's board-development and board-facilitation methodologies have respectfully and thoughtfully returned dysfunctional boards to functioning boards.
  • For boards that are operating well, Beckett's team of world-class thought leaders stimulates an even higher level of performance.
  • For boards facing tough issues within their industries, it is often the case that boards become divided on critical issues. With our world-class background in decision-support, we bring new intelligence-new light to the subject-and then, are able to facilitate candid and productive discussion that gets everyone back on the same page.
Often, our clients have asked for our help so they may:
  • Better understand their current position
  • Discern their options
  • Make the most-informed decisions
  • Increase revenues and profitability by fine-tuning operations and strategy
To help our clients better understand their current position, we employ in-depth 3rd-party interviews using QFD analytics (Quality Function Deployment), Conjoint Analysis, and Triangulation. Guaranteed accuracy of results, and presentation of findings:
  • Board assessments
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Audits
  • Distributor / Dealer Audits
  • Employee Audits
  • Feasibility Studies for new product launches
  • Market Assessments
  • Market Growth and Share analysis
  • Precision Pricing Analysis
  • Prospect Audits
  • Supply Chain / Partner Audits


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