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Brand Alignment and Internal Branding:
In the scramble to meet earnings expectations following a merger or acquisition, internal branding is often overlooked. This is unfortunate, because brand integrity is essential to organizational alignment. Beckett Advisors' Internal Branding provides bottom up support as an organization embarks on a series of new initiatives, it initiates internally generated performance metrics, and it facilitates organizational buy-in for the new reality.
Top-Line and Margin Value:
Increasing sales and margins creates value. Beckett excels at helping companies create actionable sales and marketing plans based on market realities, not undocumented opinions.
As an independent, unbiased advisor, we can reveal growth opportunities missed by your internal staff. Through our triangulation methods, and razor-sharp intelligence, we can help implement strategies for growth.
Beckett's Brand Strengthening Tool-Box:
  • Strategic Planning Sessions - leadership retreats
  • Razor-Sharp Research - customer, employee, prospect, competitive audits
    • Insight Ranking - Conjoint Analysis
    • Understanding product or service positioning
    • Protecting your intellectual property
  • Branding - your "corporate promise"
    • Internal Branding and the Brand Triangle
    • Organizational Alignment
  • Precision Pricing - A disciplined approach to improving profitability
    • Finding an additional 1% or more
    • Analyzing transactions in-depth
    • Improving price-setting procedures
  • Sales Systems
    • Writing and implementing the most results-oriented Marketing Plan and Program
    • Increase Sales--Improving effectiveness of current processes and messaging.
Brand Clarification & Brand Platform
Brand Clarification coupled with follow-on exercises to create a Brand Platform systematically refines and manages the corporation's primary asset-its reputation.
The Brand Clarification Workshop, Brand Captain's Handbook and the resulting Brand Platform and Manual provides concrete strategic direction for the Board, C- executives and current staff. It also helps guide the orientation of future staff.
With these tools, the CEO can make an indelible imprint on the sales and marketing team as well as the entire company.
Brand Strengthening Program Benefits
  • Strongly differentiated companies - enhanced corporate performance
  • Companies with the market strength to be more aggressive on pricing
  • Tools to prioritize more efficiently, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of decision-making
  • Motivated staff and organizational unity - The Board, direct reports, staff, shareholders, key customer and key supplier relationships are all in sync with each other

"We kept hearing from our agents that it was "all about price." Beckett Advisors helped us and our agents effectively differentiate the value of our coverage from that of our competitors. Their customized Brand Clarification Program freed our agents from having to sell on price alone, because they better understood what doctors valued when it came to professional medical liability insurance."
-COO for a mid-Atlantic-based provider of
medical malpractice insurance


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