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We offer strategic marketing firm services including skills that encompass over 50 product capability offerings that can help propel your products/services into leading market positions. The Beckett Advisors strategic marketing firm offers the expertise to help you derive ROI from integrated marketing and strategic planning and positioning. Our business management consulting experience in market intelligence, strategic planning and global brand marketing can help your company position itself to achieve and sustain market leadership. We act on your behalf to help you win more market share. Our depth of understanding and experience across key marketing communications, public relations and strategic planning and positioning disciplines increase an organization's profits and efficiencies. Our skills encompass over 50 product capability offerings that can help propel your products/services into leading market positions.

Enlist the strategic marketing firm that helps you maintain and grow your business opportunities

At Beckett Advisors, we not only help you penetrate your target market, but also help you uncover more profitable markets. Our market intelligence capabilities include customer, competitive and employee survey and analysis components that will help you understand your markets, and take advantage of new opportunities. A Beckett survey is administered by seasoned business people that each have decades of experience in senior positions. These are uncommon, often strategic conversations that produce intelligent internal roadmaps toward a desired action.

Our growth strategies expertise includes strategic alliance planning and implementation, writing business plans and prospectuses, sales planning, risk management and financial modeling. We also can work with you on product innovation and technology migration plans. Beckett Advisors can help you not only prepare for change, but also profit from it.

Benefit from our branding expertise

At Beckett Advisors our corporate branding suite of services is based on encouraging the CEO to embrace and actively formulate this corporate identity brand building platform to effectively instill his/her vision and lead a company to success. We are experienced and enthusiastic brand identity consulting experts. Our corporate brand strategies help retain current customers and attract new customers. We would like to be your strategic brand management consultants helping you leverage one of your most valuable assets.

Beckett IP solutions help you leverage and protect your IP capital

Intellectual property management should start with involvement of senior managers in the company. CEO's need to seize the leadership role in IP management. Beckett Advisors IP consulting helps you leverage your IP capital by demonstrating the value of licensing, helping you to train staff to identify and husband your IP, and assisting with IP valuation and IP capitalization and commercialization. Beckett Advisors business consulting also can help you to set up your own IP department. Millions of dollars can be lost or ignored without proper focus on IP valuation, reporting and commercialization. Let Beckett Advisors help you to mine your organization for new knowledge-based products and services, then leverage and protect them.

We can teach your salespeople how to succeed at accelerated selling

Beckett Advisors management and marketing consulting professionals provide your salespeople with the tools they need to succeed at accelerated selling. Our suite of services includes the Beckett Elite Selling Boot Camps sales training program, where your sales staff will learn strategic selling techniques. Our sales coaching program is custom-designed for each salesperson's needs and skill level. Your staff will learn key sales lead generation, sales prospecting and selling skills, and the art of closing sales -- direct selling that motivates customers in days, not in months. Our intelligence team can open a dialogue with those hard to win accounts, paving the way for your salespeople to close more business. In addition, our Beckett Elite Customer Retention Program can teach your people how to maximize your current customer relationships, providing new selling opportunities.

Beckett Advisors can help you navigate the waves of change

At Beckett Advisors, we believe that it is vitally important to understand the forces of change--not just react to them. The Beckett firm has identified eight primary forces which are radically restructuring markets and thirteen remarkably similar attributes of market leadership success. We can help you understand these forces and attributes, and manage and strategically ride the waves of change. Because the past is a terribly useful guide to the future, we invite you to contact Beckett Advisors today - we're ready to help you anticipate and seize new opportunities.


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