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  We provide business development solutions and selling strategies including integrated marketing and selling techniques that train salespeople and help organizations set up and restructure their sales force. New business development is critical to your company's growth. Beckett Advisors's seasoned professionals can assist you in all phases of business development. Our expertise in management consulting, marketing consulting, leadership development, lead generation and selling techniques can catapult your company into a market leadership position. Beckett Advisors's senior management consultants are also experienced facilitators of change; we analyze and act on your behalf to help you achieve business development success.

Integrated marketing and selling strategies that fit your needs

New business development is best achieved through integrated marketing and selling strategies. With Beckett Elite Selling Boot Camps sales training program, your sales staff will learn strategic selling techniques. Our sales coaching program is custom-designed for each salesperson's needs and skill level. Our sales training courses teach your staff key sales lead generation, sales prospecting and selling skills, and the art of closing sales -- direct selling that motivates customers in days, not in months. Boot Camps are planned over 3, 4 or 5 day periods and can include a range of physical and non-physical training activities. Beckett sales specialists, with impressive credentials themselves, are the hands-on instructors.

Sales marketing strategy is hard to develop if, through rapid growth, your company has overlooked training and procedures. Beckett Advisors can help you start a sales department, or revitalize your current sales staff. Beyond teaching successful selling, our impartial sales and training services can institute and teach:

  • Sales structure review
  • Compensation and incentive program review
  • Reporting procedures
  • Pre-sell & follow-up mechanisms
  • Team building
  • Group process
  • Leadership skills
  • Motivational skills
  • Sales retreats and conferences

Beckett can help you win those hard to penetrate accounts

In addition to sales management training and sales presentation training, Beckett can help you penetrate hard to win accounts using our third party interview process. The Beckett Intelligence team will speak with numerous decision levels throughout the prospect's organization. This intelligence then enables your closing team to better understand how to sell to these prospects.

Beckett Annual Customer Reviews can help you gain even more sales from your existing customers. The Beckett team can extract information that customers don't normally share with you, thereby increasing your opportunities for higher profits.

Customer retention translates into increased selling opportunities

Customer retention programs often take a back seat to generating fresh leads. The Beckett Elite Customer Retention Program has time-tested training modules that build customer intimacy and help your customer relationship team uncover additional selling opportunities. We can help you train your staff so that they are fully indoctrinated to your company's brand, core competencies and product understanding. With Beckett Advisors, your salespeople will receive thorough, ongoing training that maximizes your current customer relationships, while also helping to uncover fresh prospects.

We can teach your salespeople how to succeed at accelerated selling

Beckett Advisors management and marketing consulting professionals provide your salespeople with the tools they need to succeed at accelerated selling. Our suite of services also includes Internet marketing and consulting services that can drive more prospects to your site and generate leads. To get the edge on your competition, contact the masters of accelerated selling and integrated marketing - Beckett Advisors.

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