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  Company provides intellectual property management services that help leverage, protect and commercialize intangible assets such as branding, patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Intellectual property management is more important than ever in today's economy. Over $40 billion dollars in intellectual property is stolen from corporations each year. Beckett Advisors has the expertise to help you protect and profit from your intangible assets such as branding, patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Beckett Intellectual Property experts can guide, consult, identify, value, manage, license, or help you set up your own internal IP department. When it comes to managing intellectual property and change management, Beckett Advisors can help your company derive ROI from intellectual property valuation and intellectual property capitalization. Intellectual property consulting at Beckett Advisors encompasses more than the traditional legal and accounting aspects. We broaden the focus to include marketing, economic and organizational perspectives. Growing and protecting the value of your offline and Internet intellectual property translates into increased wealth and growth. Beckett Advisors's suite of services can help you realize ROI from your intangible assets.

Beckett IP solutions help you leverage and protect your IP capital

Intellectual property management should start with involvement of senior managers in the company. CEO's need to seize the leadership role in IP administration. Beckett Advisors IP consulting helps you leverage your IP capital by demonstrating the value of licensing, helping you to train staff to identify and husband your IP, and assisting with IP valuation and IP capitalization and commercialization. Millions of dollars can be lost or ignored without proper focus on IP valuation, reporting and commercialization. Let Beckett Advisors help you to mine your organization for new knowledge-based products and services, then leverage and protect them.

Recognizing IP as strategic assets is important not only to the CEO but to the staff as well. Staff need to understand the value of IP to the firm in economic terms (market share, competitive leadership, revenue, profit, jobs, security, etc.) and be given guidelines for the protection of it. Beckett business consultants can assist your operation in setting up:

  • Patent and licensing office
  • Export controls office
  • New technology reporting office
  • Strategic technology review committee
  • In-reach education office
  • Policies and procedures for the capturing of new IP and husbanding of current IP.

Traditional business plan consultants may overlook the importance of IP to your company. When you work with Beckett Advisors, you'll receive large and small business consulting expertise from a team that is experienced in setting up IP departments for major concerns.

Partner with Beckett Advisors for profit-building solutions

Learn to mine the value from and properly allocate your company's IP investments. Beckett Advisors delivers expert solutions in IP and economic strategic performance. Our experience as traditional and Internet business consultants provides you with a partner who can help you develop and protect your IP assets. Let us help you achieve a dominant position in the marketplace with sound IP identification, protection and commercialization. At Beckett Advisors, we create profit-building solutions that provide our clients with new competitive advantages.

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