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How To Be A Market Leader

Beckett Advisors provides business development solutions including, writing business plans, sample marketing plans, corporate branding, project risk management, developing strategic alliance agreements and much more. Business development solutions from Beckett Advisors provide your company with the tools necessary to seize opportunities before your competitors do. Our business management consulting experience in market intelligence, strategic planning and global brand marketing can help your company position itself to achieve and sustain market leadership. Our senior management consultants are also seasoned facilitators of change; we analyze and we act on your behalf to help you win more market share. Beckett Advisors services surpass those offered by the ordinary business plan consultant and business consultant. We can help you incorporate the forces of change into a sound business development strategy.

Beckett helps increase your organization's profits and efficiencies

Business development solutions don't come from bound reports containing customer intelligence, competitive intelligence or employee or organizational intelligence. These are outlines for success, but what is necessary is an action response plan. Beckett Advisors has developed a number of unique market intelligence products that focus on customers, competitors and employees and provide critical data in your battle for market share. Our depth of understanding and experience across key marketing communications, public relations and strategic planning and positioning disciplines increase an organization's profits and efficiencies. Our skills encompass over 50 product capability offerings that can help propel your products/services into leading market positions.

Our market intelligence capabilities include customer, competitive and employee survey and analysis components that will help you understand your markets, and take advantage of new opportunities. A Beckett survey is administered by seasoned business people that each have decades of experience in senior positions. These are uncommon, often strategic conversations that produce intelligent internal roadmaps toward a desired action. At Beckett Advisors, we not only help you penetrate your target market, but also help you uncover more profitable markets.

Strategic positioning is another Beckett Advisors specialty, and we can help you produce the strategic marketing plan you need to position your products/services in the appropriate market, including taking into account the effects of globalization. We helped one of our clients reposition their product through research and strategic alliance agreements, leading to a 70% jump in growth during the first year of our association.

Our growth strategies expertise includes strategic alliance planning and implementation, writing business plans and prospectuses, sales planning, risk management and financial modeling. We also can work with you on product innovation and technology migration plans. Beckett Advisors can help you not only prepare for change, but also profit from it.

Work with the marketing and strategic positioning professionals

At Beckett Advisors we provide seasoned professionals along with proven marketing methods that help you adjust to your industry's changing landscape, and your customers' changing needs. Our action and results oriented services can move your company into a market leading position. With Beckett Advisors you get more than sample marketing plans and general marketing advice. We offer a customized package of services that addresses your unique requirements. Beckett Advisors strategic planning in marketing methodologies have helped strengthen B2B and B2C companies in numerous old and new economy industries. To achieve market leadership, enlist a partner with the map on how to get there -- Beckett Advisors.

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