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  Branded Marketing & Sales Strategy Enables 63% Increase in Industry Awareness Over 100 Days.
Target Audience:
Electrical Engineers
Upon being retained by the client, a benchmark study was executed and revealed that less than 32% of prospective customers and less than 28% of the industry press recognized the client's name. Due to a recent IPO, a need was present to establish brand leadership in vertical integration and product innovation. At the industry's most well attended trade show, many branding tools were leveraged. The Beckett team coordinated the industry's largest press conference at the exhibit, and drew standing room only attention.
Throughout all PR, advertising, internal/external branding events and sales training, the Beckett team helped implement organization-wide brand awareness.
After an initial 100-day blitz, 87% of randomly surveyed prospective customers recognized the brand name (up from 32%) and 91% of the industry press knew the name (up from 28%.) The company's Q1 growth was 224% more than the year previous.

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