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  Beckett Advisors announces the availability of The Catalyst Experience: A Snapshot of the 22 Critical Facets That Contribute to Faster Top and Bottom-line Growth of an Organization
May 26, 2008
LOS ANGELES, CA: The strategic marketing firm of Beckett Advisors (www.beckettadvisors.com) announced the availability of The Catalyst Experience today. Catalyst is a diagnostic tool for quickly assessing an organization's marketing, branding and sales and identifying management's position in these three areas.
The Catalyst Experience was developed to address a very real need that the firm's founders have observed in organizations over the past couple of decades. The human body, just like the modern business, is a compilation of cooperating systems. If misalignment is not corrected, the body will eventually suffer permanent damage and may even be destroyed.
Misalignment within an organization can have the same consequences. With corporate alignment, friction is reduced at the point of sale.
  • Volume and velocity of sales is increased when the values that are being communicated are meaningful to customers.
  • The resulting increased cash flow equals aerobic corporate health.
  • To maintain relevance with customers and sustainable cash flow, the marketing process needs to be continually managed and reviewed on an annual basis--Catalyst is the review tool.
With The Catalyst Experience, management can examine the alignment of the leadership team's attitudes regarding the 22 critical facets of a company's marketing, branding and sales systems and walk away with a clear report card of their position in these three vital areas within 24 hours.
To read a white paper about three companies' journeys toward alignment or to learn more about Catalyst, contact Sharon Bailey-Beckett at 1-800-336-8797 x11 or sharonb@beckettadvisors.com.


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