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Executive Bios

  Arun Aneja
Brief Bio:
Arun Aneja is a global technology executive and change leader known for expertise in commercializing new technology for profitable growth while improving business quality. The scope of experience includes energy, chemicals, plastics, composites, polymers, materials, and fibers.
He has managed multi-million dollar budgets and provided strategic business and technical leadership for professionals and technical staff in locations around the world. He is an inventor of four successful products and three industrial processes with over 30 patents. He has published numerous technical and business reports. He has expertise of ISO, DOE and Six Sigma for process improvement and reduction of cost.
In his time at Reliance Industries Limited in Mumbai, India, Arun was asked by the company president to re-build the organization both in manpower and identity. He crafted business strategy and hired professionals, scientists (PhD and MS) and engineers in his first 12 months in emerging advanced technology areas. He restored respect in the business for the technology function thru team building, creating a culture of innovation and by commercializing new specialty products and substantially improving plant operations.
Arun spent over 20 years at DuPont working on R&D management. The inventions under his care produced over $60 MM after-tax income annually for DuPont.
He collaborated with marketing, operations and the customer to formulate strategic plans for a new product offering resulting in supply chain efficiency aimed at increasing top-line growth and reduced operational cost.
  • Chemical & Polymer Engineering
  • Advanced Material and Fiber Processing
  • New Product Development
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Technology Management

MBA, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
East Carolina University


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